Office Space

Blogspiration – April

For this Blogspiration, you would get a tour of where I work on KyeWik Services/ReneeBritt Media. Through the video, you can tell I can pretty much work anywhere when it comes to my business. I can work at home, a coffee shop, studios and the outdoors. I wanted to get Read More


Resource Post – Not Really Making Much But Want to Keep Your Finances Separate

This post is for entrepreneurs that are REALLY just starting out. If you start making enough money to support having a business account at a physical bank then go for it because, in the long run, it helps a lot with your business. When starting out, I wanted a way Read More


Resource Post – Resources to Find Out How to Start Your Business or Helped My Business

Hey! So this post will simply be a resource post of links to sites that I have used to learn and get information on how, in general, to start and run my business. I believe this could be helpful no matter what industry you are considering getting into. These will Read More


Blogspiration – March

I am approaching the end of second semester of school and I have not been paying attention to days at all! March 8th was International Women’s Day and March was also International Ideas Month.   Women that Inspired my Business For this Blogspiration, I couldn’t really narrow it down to Read More


Resource Post – Things I Wish I Knew When Starting My Business

When I started my online business, I didn’t really think much of it. I just thought I would establish creating a business and the rest would follow. That wasn’t the case. Had I  avoided these things, I would have realized when was better to begin. Here are the things I Read More


Blogspiration – February

THIS POST IS LATE! But I’m not letting it deter me from my goal and that is to continue writing blog posts, regardless if I am on time or not. Why? I have to build consistency some how. I also need to learn not to stop when I fail to Read More


Blogspiration – January

Happy New Year! I hope you guys are enjoying the amount of content that I am trying to get out to all of you lovely people. This series, Blogspiration, is to get the gear wheels going to so I can make a habit out of writing more often. I believe Read More


New Year, New Addition TAKE 2

Clearly I never followed through with my monthly posts for 2017 but at the same time, I feel like I went through the most changes that year. When I wanted to start blogging, I was working full time but wanted to have a side gig but I wasn’t really getting Read More