These “About” sections usually give me problems to write because I can never seem to figure out what to say without sounding boring or generic. I did think of this as a mandatory piece page because here you are probably figuring out why you should go with KyeWik. So let’s see what I can pull off!

I am currently attending Humber College for Media Communications which is a program that covers basically EVERYTHING. Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, Web Design, Marketing, PR, and the list goes on. I left my well paying full time job to go back to school because 1) I wanted to build on this business and my skillset and 2) I realized that I rather do business tasks in a creative environment. I was doing a 9-5 and the role just kind of felt static. So I made the jump. I’m hoping this program increase and solidify my skillset as well as add more to my abilities. I enjoy many different tasks then tying myself down to one career.

Previously, I completed and graduated from two programs, Executive Office Administration and Music Business Management. From both programs, what I loved the most was using computers and creating things. I loved using MS Office and creative software such as Photoshop and InDesign. I loved creating and designing websites or even just making documents look amazing. I liked learning new things every time through different experiences.

With RKMDC Blog, which was originally called, Ren’s Creativity or RenCreate/RenCreativity -really ‘creative’, I know – but at that point in time, it was just a testing/hobby of mine that I didn’t take seriously. I use it to test social media ideas, learn about WordPress.com and to get back into something that I also loved doing before college which was writing. Currently, I have even migrated to a self-hosted WordPress site and let me tell you, I have no idea why I waited so long or didn’t use it years ago! I learned so much just from creating that site and even had a refresher on coding websites.

I started this as freelance/business because while helping a group of friends build their company and my RKMDC blog, I realized I still had enjoyed working on these projects that involved building a sites and building an online presence. Because I enjoyed helping, I wanted to see who else I can help build their brand and have more exposure to the different types of businesses out there.

Projects that I have worked on can be found on my services page.

A more resume version of work experience can be found here:

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