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To start off my resource posts, I decided to start off with Motivation. Why? Because we kind of need to see things through and keep on track. I can’t imagine how many times I felt unmotivated and depressed because of certain situations and complete disregard my own needs and my goals. When you are feeling burnt out or at your limit, it’s okay if you have a day or two that are unproductive. I find people that somehow push through without showing the hard times are robots and I just feel that not everybody is the same.

So as a beginner to another beginner, here are things that can help boost motivation.

  • Find things that help picks up your mood:
    • Activities – hobbies you like doing. For me, that’s dance but I have become so lazy so 2018, I made it a goal.
    • Watch YouTube – I feel that there are a lot of influential people on YouTube. I like watching people that I either find influential or funny or even just to hear them sing. Some of my favs are Shameless Maya for influence, David So for comedy and influence, LuanLegacy was active a few years ago, not sure what he is doing now but I can’t not watch his videos without crying with laughter. I hope he is doing well. Bubz as well for entertainment and influence. There are just to many.
    • Instagram pages – some have some amazing quotes that I like to post when they definitely strike a cord with me. Check out my video to see some of my favs. If motivation isn’t your thing but like to laugh there is actually an un-inspirational page and it’s quite hilarious. I would follow it for the laughs.
    • Certain people around you – Pay attention around you. There may be people that share a lot inspirational thoughts that you may not have thought of and just be a positive force to be around.
  • Make sure you have a clear vision of what you want. I don’t think my vision is a hundred percent clear but I know what I don’t want in my life. You can have a picture frame that looks like a dream board. I have a physical dream board in my room but it’s done in a frame just because it looks nicer.
  • It is okay to relax for a few days. Just do it. You have no idea how refreshed you will feel the next day.
  • Figure out the good stress from the bad stress. When it’s bad stress, it wears you out tremendously and puts you in a bad mood. Good stress, you feel stressed but at the end it makes you more energized. That was completely in my words and not researched but thats how I feel when doing something I love.
  • Music – Make a playlist that gets you energized or your favourite artist.
  • Exercise – I personally don’t like the gym so I love dancing and taking walks to clear my head. It all counts.

This is my list that has gotten me through so far! What are some of your ways or that you stay motivated. I actually want to know because I wanted to know what I can incorporate into my daily life. Maybe there will be a part two to this!

Much Love,


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