Blogspiration – January

Happy New Year! I hope you guys are enjoying the amount of content that I am trying to get out to all of you lovely people.

This series, Blogspiration, is to get the gear wheels going to so I can make a habit out of writing more often. I believe I came across it from Facebook from Hub Digital and subscribe to the newsletter. I found it online so here you go if you are looking to get you going. Hub Digital Blogspiration.

This month is about introduction of KyeWik Services. If you want to know more about me and how I ended up here. You can check out my About page as well as the previous post.

This is KyeWik Services and I started this venture because I liked helping other start their business or give advice. This is why I offer so many services. I feel like as I go through my program at Humber, Media Communications, I can either narrow down my options and/or hone those skills.

One of the services I provide is website design and maintenance. I can update already live sites if a person is needed to do so. I can also design using WordPress and some coding. I am currently getting a refresher at the moment and I still love coding so I don’t think it will be too long when I can FINALLY put together a whole site without hesitation.

I also can create and manage social media. Also can create ads to generate followings.

I also dabble in photography but for business so taking pictures of merch or events that goes on. This would be great for social media content as well as website content.

As you can see very beginner, but I completely motivated and I love to learn new things as I go. I use KyeWIk Services as well as my interest blog, RKMDC as guinea pigs to test out sites and social media.

Even if you are not interested in my services, I hope you can follow me along my journey as I grow and solidify what I am doing in life!

Much Love,


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