New Year, New Addition TAKE 2

Clearly I never followed through with my monthly posts for 2017 but at the same time, I feel like I went through the most changes that year.

When I wanted to start blogging, I was working full time but wanted to have a side gig but I wasn’t really getting traction on gaining clients and wasn’t a hundred percent focused. It wasn’t really going anywhere. I kept contemplating what can I do to kind of promote my business as well as introduce writing back in my life. The original plan was helping other entrepreneurs like posting resources and talking on my experiences as I built my business along the way on a monthly basis but never followed through after the initial post.

January to June was kind of a whirlwind of emotions because I think that was when I felt the most stress and anxiety I have ever had. Maybe even earlier. I have had people around me say things like, “Work is like that”, “You always have to deal with douchebags” etc. But no one really understood that I really didn’t feel right at the place I worked. I did also attempt to search for other jobs but it really came down to, “What am I doing in my life and who am I doing it for?”.

I tend to be a perfectionist. Not sure if it’s the Virgo in me but I take huge pride in the work I do. But if I am trying my best to achieve company goals but I don’t have any guidance and constantly feel like I am not achieving the goals, it will take a toll on me. I always felt like I was on the edge, and for what reason?

How do I know what working in place that I enjoy or can ‘endure’ feels like? I have worked in a lot various positions whether it was a co-op or summer positions and I heavily enjoyed it. All the other places I worked, they handle dishing out criticism as way of improvement. So saying something didn’t work this way, let’s try it this way. When they felt I have mastered something, the give me something else to take a crack at or add to my roles. I never got bored and never felt weird approaching someone and speaking my mind.

Even though I did apply for school in May or June, I wasn’t 100% sure that I would have followed through. I said even if I didn’t go through with it, it would have been my decision. And HOLY, the amount of anxiety I had going ahead with it because it is a huge jump from working full time to going back to school full time when you have responsibilities and bills to pay. I split, but I love my car. It allows me to get to many places in one day! There was one thing for sure though, I didn’t want to feel the same way I did last year as well as if I am working for someone, I rather it in an industry that I enjoy and that we work well together. I gave my two weeks in before school started. I also did cry when leaving because regardless of what I went through there was A LOT of amazing people and because I started off as a temp, I did get to know a lot of people in various departments.

But I still didn’t post when I went to school in September 2017. It was so weird getting a adjusted to school when I went back! Nothing really serious though, I was getting the hang of it until strike happened. Cue horror music. Not thinking that 5 weeks of strike would caused such a mess. I got to get a new part time job. I think I was working on RKMDC at the same time and did try to get a photography assignment done so it wasn’t as if it wasn’t productive at all. It was post the 5 weeks, where I saw how bad the strike messed things up. Shorter breaks, no reading weeks (study fall days were basically a rip off) and having almost doubled the amount of assignments due. This is when I started basically sacrificing some assignments depending on how important they were.

So this brings us to now. January 2018 where I still have 2 more weeks of first semester before we start the second. The second semester looks VERY promising so I ready to kick this year in the butt. Focus on school which in turn can help with KyeWik and RKMDC.

What I want to bring to these blog posts is me and bring out my personality where I am highly helpful and love seeing people succeed. I want to share what things work for me, what things I liked that I came across etc. I find the most inspiring people are the ones that you see the struggle and when you see them make changes for the good. I want to get to that point. I think I lost most of my writing skills so I am also hoping I make improvements just by writing to you guys.

I am still at learning point with WordPress so I don’t think there is a subscribe button yet but I will post my blog posts on KyeWik Services Facebook Page so make sure to give that page a like.

This will be the journey of my 2018.

Much Love,


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