New Year, New Addition

Part of the reason why my site had been down for some time was because I had was going through a beginners course on WordPress just to see if there was more to learn about it as well as I had plans to redesign my interest blog, RKMDC blog. So while watching those tutorials and some seminars, it gave me ideas on what to improve, what to add, how to reposition things better, etc. So instead of only redesigning RKMDC, I decided to change up KyeWik. Now you notice that there isn’t really any design difference but just more of laying out information.

I noticed an abundance of ideas referring to blogs to keep clients and customers coming back. So I was thinking for some time. What could I blog about? I had my interest blog but music and shows have nothing to do with freelance business and I also barely had any real tech information I could give others especially for just starting out. The idea that came to me was sharing my experience about venturing into my own business while still fully employed and with many projects on the go.

I would do this by bringing to light some of the resources and experiences I’ve had that has helped and is helping my along the way. Not clearly near expert level but I like to learn and to get feedback on what works and what doesn’t work. Maybe someone knows something that works even better! Which was what I want to make this platform about: helping other freelancers/business owners and collaborating and be like a little family haha!

If you have ideas or questions, let me know! Either I may have a gone through something similar or do some research!

Til the next time!

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