I developed KyeWik Services because of my interest in different projects and helping others build their brand or business. It’s known that if there is no online presence, it doesn’t exist. I want to work with different industries and build their vision or even the bits and pieces. KyeWik (계획 kye-hwik) is a Korean word for ‘Project’, ‘Planning’, ‘Create’, etc. Which is what I have or would like to embody for this company. Creating, Planning, and Organizing. Why the Korean though? It’s been a culture that I have been interested in for some time. I also wanted something different.

Much Love, Renée



05/03/2018 – KyeWik Services is rebranding to ReneeBritt Media. A new site is coming! http://www.reneebrittmedia.com

More to come in the next few weeks.

01/12/2018 – Happy New Year! In the new year, I contemplated what I can do to make this years better and what can I do to make myself better this year. I figured that I was trying to do to much at once and not focus on what my main task is at hand. Learning. I decided to discontinue Freelance Services as well as be holding off Web Design until the Summer 2018. They can still be inquired about though. I have also decided I am still going ahead with blogging and it is one of my goal to keep consistent. So look out for that!